Breezy Days: In the Forest


July 21, 2014

In the Forest

These pants are seriously my favorite because of how dang comfortable they are and the fact that I'm not suffocating in them with this heat. I've been telling everyone I know to get them, that's just shows how OBSESSED I am!! So I'm telling you now that you need these pants.

Anywho, summer is starting to wind down which means I'm going to have to start the job hunt again. My plan is to start something after my family trip to Montana in mid-August, to avoid looking like a dork by getting a job now then asking for a week off. I'm a tad gun shy about finding a new job because my last one was a complete disaster, but I'm hoping that something will fall in my lap (after much searching) that'll fit what I need/want.

In the meantime I'm doing some piecework here and there to make some extra cash until I face the reality of working full-time. GULP. Who knows, I might be in school again this time next year?! I'll wait until I'm starting to miss school before I hop on that bandwagon again ;)

Photography: Mandy from Thimble & Thistle 
Necklace: Jane
Bracelet: InPink
Linen Pants: American Eagle
Shoes: Ross


Ashley Ziegler said...

cute outfit!

Alisa Marie said...

Great pictures! Your hair looks gorgeous!

Bridgette Nicole said...

You are so beautiful! Those pants look super comfy! Good luck with the job search, that is always scary! Enjoy the summer until then though!! :)

Bridgette Nicole