Breezy Days: San Francisco Anniversary


July 1, 2014

San Francisco Anniversary

Our anniversary is actually June 4th, but since we knew we'd be in Sacramento for a wedding at the end of the month we piggy-backed an anniversary trip onto it! The only time I've been to San Francisco was with a few college friends a few years back, our car broke down and we didn't get to SF until it was pitch black outside and practically everything was closed. It was a disaster! So I'm claiming this time as my first trip to the Bay Area!

I booked us a nice hotel room via Hotwire in Oakland over by the airport, we were staying there from Wednesday night to Friday morning. It wasn't so bad until we needed to hit up Walmart & Ross for the rest of Ryan's groomsman get-up. OMG...I've literally never been so terrified in my life. On our 15 minute journey to Ross we passed 5 cop cars, one of them being a mobile crime scene unit aka someone just DIED there. 

I was also the only white person, nevertheless blonde one, in both Ross and Walmart so I was getting stared at hardcore. Like a baby, I totally cried in the car when a scary homeless man came right up to our car window at a stop light and looked right inside...I guess that's what happens when you grow up in suburbia?! Even after a quick trip to skid row back in high school, I would without a doubt say that this was 50 times scarier than LA.  We didn't stray too far from our hotel after that shopping trip!

Thursday morning we made our way to SF and I couldn't be more excited to not only leave Oakland but also check out the fun stuff SF had to offer. It was crazy to drive only 25 minutes away and feel like I was in a completely different world!

Our first stop was the Boudin Bakery on Fisherman's Wharf, the creator of the first sourdough bread bowl. With clam chowder...I just died. Ryan and I also split a crab cake sandwich which was also insanely delicious. I'm drooling just writing this! I'm going to start researching some SF food blogs because all the restaurants that were around looked incredible. MUST EAT ALL THE FOODS.

After narfing down our food at Boudin Bakery and walking through their bread museum, we walked a few blocks down to Ghirardelli Square to check it out. It was a gorgeous day out and everyone was taking advantage by grabbing a sweet treat and hanging out next to the fountain in the square. It seriously made me want to live there!

We had a difficult choice to make with all the chocolate-y options we had before us. But eventually we decided on the 'Golden Gate' banana split and were not disappointed. Strawberry, chocolate, and vanilla ice cream with pineapple chunks, chocolate fudge, whipped cream, nuts, and bananas. YUM. We ate this while overlooking the bay, and were in literal heaven. 

We drove over to see the Golden Gate Bridge but it was so dang foggy that we just took a picture with where it is supposed to be haha! It just gives us an excuse to plan another trip to SF ;)


Rebekah said...

I went to Ghirardelli on my honeymoon and I still dream of it to this day! They need more locations!

Courtney said...

Girl...I used to live in Needless to say, we didn't venture throughout Oakland much haha.