Breezy Days: Beard-Mee Wedding


July 3, 2014

Beard-Mee Wedding

Last weekend was the wedding of one of Ryan's good friends, Braxton Beard. Ryan always refers to him by his last name because they served an LDS mission in Honduras together, so it's even weird just to type his full name! Beard's younger sister Jaz was one of my roommates sophomore year of college and she is seriously one of my favorite people :) So this was pretty much a family wedding! 

Here is Beard and his new wife Caitlin Mee coming out of the Sacramento temple! Ryan was one of the groomsmen like Beard was at our wedding. It's so exciting to see friends getting married :)

Rosa, myself, and Jaz; aka my Latina sisters...even though Jaz is Alaskan haha! Between the wedding and reception we stopped by Mels Diner which was AHHHH-mazing! I had a sourdough sandwich with a thick patty, bacon, onions, cheese, and thousand island dressing. Just droooooling right now. 

The wedding day was so peaceful at the Sacramento temple and it was a gorgeous reception set-up decked out in southern vintage-inspired decor. I'm just grateful we had the time and resources to not only make it up to the wedding but for a quick anniversary trip beforehand to celebrate our years of hard work and marriage :) 

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the cape on the corner said...

oh my gosh, what a super cute and relaxed wedding. love how everyone is sitting on a blanket. never seen that before, seriously cutest thing ever!