Breezy Days: The Weight is Over


July 31, 2014

The Weight is Over

After all my summer travels, I had eaten too much good food. Lobster rolls, donuts, clam chowder in sourdough bowls, burritos, you name it! I came back to Utah and realized that I needed to get back on some kind of diet/workout regimen, which is where WiO came into play. This program is designed to give your body the proper balance of macro and micro-nutrients to help with symptoms of Metabolic Syndrome. 

Above is what I received each week for my diet so I could make my meal replacement shakes. I did the diet for 2 weeks, which was a great jump start to eating healthy foods in healthy portions. I lost a total of 5 pounds! While it was pretty rough the first week to get started, I reminded myself of some of the healthy benefits of the diet: low carbs, digestible protein, gluten free, natural sweeteners, and whole food vitamins and minerals.

It was awesome to have a WiO coach to help me through the diet along with an extremely informative scale that measures weight, dry lean muscle mass, body fat mass, intra/extra cellular water, body fat percentage, total body water, and lead body mass. It was so cool to see the numbers change each week! I'm happy that this diet set me on the right track to continue on with my fitness journey :) Check out the posts Rachel and Jenny have done on their WiO progress!

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Cece @Mahogany Drive said...

Looks like exactly the thing I need. I'd never heard of this before.