Breezy Days: SF/Sac Vacation Bloopers


July 12, 2014

SF/Sac Vacation Bloopers

"Uhhh, Ryan...the name of the bakery we're in is over there. I want a picture with that."

"What in the world...Asian lady straight up photobombing me!!!"

The Golden Gate was covered up with some hardcore fog, so we took a picture with where it should be. And it was windy, if you couldn't tell!

Before I announced I would be taking a cute picture of all of us snacking on Coldstone. Jaz getting reallllly into her ice cream. NOM NOM NOM.

Shouldn't you be kissing your new wife?! haha

Rosa's gonna take someone out and I'm giving someone stank-face cause I just heard them say something stupid. 

Rosa dancing like a champ and her BF Ian being impressed. 
You're welcome. 

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