Breezy Days: Turkey Day 2014


December 11, 2014

Turkey Day 2014

I'm just barely getting around to reporting on Thanksgiving, and Christmas is only 2 weeks away! Wow, does the time fly. My parents flew up to Provo to spend the holiday with Ryan, Jesse, and I. It was nice to have them be able to stay longer than just 2 days (like they have their past couple of trips), so we could really enjoy their company. 

I love that when we spend time with my family, we enjoy our time together but also make sure to take naps when needed. Soooooo relaxing. No pressure of having to be on the ball during the entire trip, nap time FTW! The day of Thanksgiving the boys went top play some turkey bowl football after they got the real turkey in the oven. We made a jalapeƱo turkey, coconut brown sugar yams, cream corn, asparagus, fruit salad, stuffing, picked up Kneaders rolls, and Ryan ordered homemade tamales from our local tamale lady. We were in a straight up FOOD COMA.

During our family trip to Montana we shared this AMAZING huckleberry pie. So as a surprise I ordered the pie for my family so it would be delivered the day before. It was just as delicious as we had remembered it :) Overall it was a relaxing and food-coma-filled holiday. Can't wait to do it all over again (maybe not as much food haha) for Christmas!

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Unknown said...

That's quite the thanksgiving spread! I'm impressed with your cooking skills girl!