Breezy Days: Turning the Holiday Grinch


December 2, 2014

Turning the Holiday Grinch

I'm in shock. It is December and it hasn't starting massively snowing...maybe Utah is sick? Tired? I'm probably jinxing myself as I write this...but I'm glad that I can put off finding snow boots for a just a little longer. I really enjoy the crisp air of fall :)

Thanksgiving vacation was one crazy week. Filled with late night talks, eating delicious food, shopping amazing sales, decking the halls of my yellow brick was pretty much perfect. Except for the party hangover I'm working through right now. Although, Ryan is thoroughly enjoying the Christmas decor which makes me feel happier & little less hungover. I'm starting to "turn" the holiday grinch! 

Since my brain is trying to escape out of my head, I gotta keep a list to stay sane. What's on my to-do list you ask? Well, you're in luck my friends.

+ Pick up more Christmas decor from Hobby Lobby to finish my 'Candy Village'
+ Buy festive candy for the candy bowls
+ Figure out Christmas gifts...yikes, haven't even started on that one yet
+ Schedule optometrist appointment so I can get more contacts, being blind isn't too fun
+ Purchase new blog business cards with my updated email address from MOO
+ Plan games for Ugly Sweater Party...and also figure out food for that. Pretty much plan the entire thing
+ Wrap up the rest of the baby presents and put them in the mail already
+ Actually go the post office and send off the other 2 packages sitting in my car
+ Vacuum, gosh...first off I can never spell that word and second off, it's probably one of my least chores (besides the dishes of course, which also need to be done)

There's my conclusive random list of to-do's...what's on your list for this week?  I'm curious :)

Herringbone Vest: Groopdealz
Boots: Shoedazzle
Heart Bar Necklace: Made by Mary With Love
Finch Glasses: Warby Parker 


Unknown said...

You're gorgeous. <3

I am fighting the grinch because I'm not putting up the tree this year... :\ We're gonna be with my parents for a while and it doesn't make sense to put up the tree when no one will see it. *sad* but i'm pulling out some other decor this week to get more festive!!

N. said...

great look :)

Unknown said...

I bought this vest too and I love this outfit! Definitely going to copy you.