Breezy Days: What the Holidays Mean to Me


December 8, 2014

What the Holidays Mean to Me

Who doesn't love the holidays?! If you don't then you're probably Grumpy Cat...or watching the Grumpy Cat Lifetime Christmas movie like I am right now ;) The holidays bring a light to everyones eye, and I love celebrating the holidays with my close friends and family. 

Being with my family and friends reminds me of the true reason for Christmas, celebrating our Lord and Savior. I'm so grateful for the life that Heavenly Father has blessed me with and if thinking of others this holiday season makes me a little more like our Savior, then I'll gladly take the opportunity :)

By the way, my friends at and The Good Stuff online magazine is hosting The Good Stuff 2014 Holiday Sweepstakes! It runs from 12/8 to 12/25, they are giving away $100 for a winner per week, and $500 to the grand prize winner. Think of all the presents you can purchase with these prizes!!

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Unknown said...

I love these pictures of you and your hubs! You two are so cute! And I totally watched the Grumpy Cat Christmas movie...and I was laughing the whole time (while my husband looked at me like I was crazy). Love your blog girl!!