Breezy Days: Last First Day


January 6, 2014

Last First Day

Today marks my last first day of a college semester {this is why I'm holding up a 12}. It's so surreal, that I'm only 4 months away from that diploma! Of course all that excitement comes at a's been ridiculous trying to sign up for my classes this semester. I decided over the break that instead of taking it easy with 6 credits, that I might as well re-declare my Communications minor & finish off the last 9 credits with classes I enjoy. 

All last week I called back and forth between the the Comms and Family Science offices, filled out graduation plans, and emailed the advisement assistants to finally get the thing declared in order to sign up for classes. I then rush to sign up for classes only to see that I would still need "departmental approval" to get them added to my schedule. What the?! *Sigh*

I know it'll eventually work itself out, but I hate that feeling of being all scattered that first week of school. As of right now, I have exactly 1 class for sure on my schedule...and I'm trying to add 3 more. Also meaning that I have not bought even one textbook. Eek! At least it's one step closer to that blessed graduation day? ;)


Unknown said...

Woohoo for our last semester!!! I'm so excited to graduate this April :)

xx, Ariel

Kara Renee said...

AH! Congratulations girl!! You've SO got this. :)

Brooke @ Silver Lining said...

You're so close! You got this!

Emily said...

I just graduated in December and your last semester goes the quickest! It was my hardest so far but it moved like lightening.