Breezy Days: Another Sweater Date Night


January 11, 2014

Another Sweater Date Night

Yesterday the husband & I ventured up to Salt Lake to do a little Christmas gift card shopping. We hit up Nike, Lush, Anthro {where I got the most adorable umbrella ring holder}, and instead of getting stuck in traffic on the way home we ate at Red Robin in SLC. I love that after being married for over 2.5 years, we can still have fun with something as simple as walking around the mall & admiring the gorgeous snow-capped mountains around us.

I will say, that after a couple of years into this marriage is way easy to knock down your 'date game' a couple notches. What's the point of getting dressed up and trudging around in the snow when I can wear my Wal-Mart sweatpants, eat Pizza Hut, and watch Netflix documentaries? Actually GETTING DRESSED makes a massive difference. Not only in how your spouse views you, but in how you feel about yourself! Granted, I'll take any excuse to dress to the nines {kinda like that one time I wore a sequin skirt to Smiths...} 

Which is why I was super stoked to test drive my new sweater from To Adorn! They sent me a couple of surprise goodies & I was pleasantly surprised when opening the package. This sweater fits like a dream, and while it is something I wouldn't have normally picked for myself, I ended up absolutely LOVING it! Comfy fit, gold thread weaved throughout, and a black lace back with polka dots...could you seriously ask for any more cuteness in one piece of clothing? 

{Sweater: To Adorn c/o // First sweater date night}

To Adorn is daily boutique site which offers awesome prices for trendy & adorable clothing, jewelry, and more! I paired this sweater with black ponte pants {for $13 from Tj Maxx}, Spellbound by Maybelline lipstick, Steve Madden bag {from Ross}, a Bebe druzy stone necklace {for $14, also from Ross}, and olive booties from Sole Society. 

One day I randomly entered an Instagram gift card giveaway that Sole Society was hosting, and I ended up winning! So I patiently waited {with baited breath} for these studded puppies to go on sale, when they did I pounced which presented me with the grand total of $9. Awesome deals just make my day, ok?


Jan said...

Love that sweater! Totes going to check out To Adorn now :)

Jan said...

Love that sweater! Totes going to check out To Adorn now :)

Kara Renee said...

I love that ring dish!! I've only bought one thing for myself from Anthropologie, a little clutch notebook, and I treasure it with my life!

Courtney said...

Your hair!! It's absolutely gorgeous, as are you.

That ring dish is too cute and $8 isn't a bad price tag!

Emily said...

I'm wearing a black and white striped sweater today. Which I am certain that black and white strips will never go out of style. :)

Bree said...

Girllll your hair!!!! Ridiculously amazing. You look fabulous. :)

PrettyLuckyMama said...

Love your outfit :) I completely agree for me personally it makes a world of difference when I dress up, the confidence the good mood it all adds up and your hubby sure does notice it :)

PS - I nominated you for a Liebster Award on my blog!!!

Kelsey Eaton said...

you look super cute! did you eat at the RR on Foothill by the U? If so you were like 30 seconds from my house!

The Style Storm said...

Gorgeous!! Love your hair!

The Style Storm
<3, Christina

Cramer Coffee and Jesus said...

so cute! I'm all about adding to my sweater collection :) oh and can you pleeeeeease send that snow my way? I'm just begging for one big snow storm before winter season is over and spring hits. ha

Camille said...

2.5 years? You are a veteran compared to me! (2.5 months!) I love just having a no makeup look day to day but when I have a chance to fully dress up I pounce! I love dolling myself up when I get the chance ;)
Love the sweater and bag, super cute! I'll have to check out this website and see if I can snag some cute things.