Breezy Days: Christmas Day 2013


January 5, 2014

Christmas Day 2013

We have this tradition eeeevery year, to take a picture on the stairs before opening up our stockings & gifts under the Christmas tree. So there you have it! Christmas Eve was filled with family festivities at my Grandparents, then we drove home from Anaheim and enjoyed some hot chocolate around the bonfire with my favorite people (minus Evan). Then Christmas day was so low-key, fun, and relaxing. We had a blast opening presents, talking to our missionary, and then eating a delish turkey dinner!

My dad thought it would be funny to get me and my mom some plastic sharks to warn the men in our lives of that time of the month...obviously the boys thought it was hilarious. Me and mom on the other hand?! A little less amused...

Ryan got an orange in his stocking because he had mentioned that is what he got growing up, so Santa threw it in there for good measure ;) Andddd I also unwrapped another shark, this time and ornament *face palm*!

Another family tradition is picking up some new Christmas pjs, and because my parent's house is decked out in Grinch-inspired Christmas decor Jesse and I decided to match :) This Christmas break has been one of the most relaxing by far for Ryan and I, and we can't wait to tackle what this next year has in store for us. Graduating BYU, finding a career/direction, and planning more family trips! 

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PrettyLuckyMama said...

What a great Christmas you all had :) Love the picture on the stairs. And you must tell me what the Pinterest book is!?!