Breezy Days: My 5 Favorite Photo Apps


January 7, 2014

My 5 Favorite Photo Apps

1. A Beautiful Mess
This photo editing app has all the adorable fonts, phrases, and little extras (frames, twinkles, arrows galore) you need to make pictures that much cuter. It is created by the wonderful girls at the A Beautiful Mess blog, and once it came on the exploded! It's now my go-to for cute writing & various holiday wishes!

2. Afterlight
After using this app, I'll never go back to using Instagram's filters! Afterlight has adjustable filters that make pictures look more professional & striking without compromising the integrity of your photo. Plus, you can brighten or sharpen your picture without the blatant use of a filter.

3. Diptic
This is the only app I use for making collages because it is user friendly, and has adjustable sizing for the space in between pictures. This is what I use to create my side by side outfit pictures for Instagram because I'm able to use 2 entire pictures without having to crop it!

4. Whitagram
Ever have that problem where you want to show the whole image without cropping it into an oblivion just to fit the Insta-square? This app solves your problem toot-suite! It adds white bars to either the top/bottom or sides so you can showcase your entire picture while fitting it into the Insta-square.

5. After Focus
Have you ever noticed that fashion bloggers always have that blurriness in the back of their photo, making sure their outfit stands out? This is my new favorite app, because I can achieve that same look without having to pay hundreds for a fancy shmancy camera! The focusing technique takes a little getting used to, but once you got it down it's a piece of cake!

What are your favorite photo editing apps?


Unknown said...

Ok I'm so glad you posted this because I don't have a fancy camera but I sometimes take outfit photos and I want them to look better! I was waiting to hear this from a blogger I trust. Gracias!

his little lady said...

Yay, I love coming across new apps for the phone! Just perfect :)
xo TJ

Unknown said...

love that last one - never heard of it before.

thanks for sharing :)
ps. you can achieve the same thing as #4 using afterlight if you want to cut out steps :)