Breezy Days: I Left My Heart at


January 24, 2014

I Left My Heart at

You know that lyric "I left my heart in San Francisco?" Well, I left mine at About a year ago I found this company that offers amazing deals on trendy boutique goods for an absolute steal. A site after my own heart!

This past summer my mom & I would stay up until 11pm California time {midnight UT time}, waiting for the new deals to reveal themselves. We decided on which ones to hurry up and snag before the inevitable "sold out" sign would appear, and which ones to pass until next time {cause they always bring back some of the best deals.} What's nice is that Jane gives you a sneak peek of what they'll be posting the next day on their Facebook account, so you can be prepared! I still get raving compliments on this necklace I bought on Jane for 14 bucks. {It's ok, you're allowed to gasp.}

{Top c/o Jane}

Head on over to my sidebar and Jane is the first button there {kinda like the first friend on those MySpace Top 8 lists from eons ago...}, and go check them out. I promise you that you won't leave Jane without at least one thing in your basket ;)

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Jenna Griffin | Gold & Bloom said...

Sweet! I've never heard of this, but I'll have to check it out! Love the necklace.