Breezy Days: Adventures With Elder Evs: Feliz Navidad


January 3, 2014

Adventures With Elder Evs: Feliz Navidad

Every Christmas and Mother's Day, families are able to Skype or call their missionary out in the field to catch up and visit with them. This was our first Skype call with Evan & it did not disappoint! Although, the complete dork told us to be waiting by the computer at 4pm instead of 5pm because he didn't calculate the hour difference between Mexico & California correctly! These are some pictures in emails he has sent the past couple of weeks with some funny stories. Plus, at the bottom of the post there is a video of Evan wishing his friends & family a Merry Christmas!

"Yeah, today, went with a member to her ranchito today, and starting whistling to the parrot there. We got along so well, it climbed on my shoulder, and chilled there for a good 20 mins. One of the members said it fell asleep on my shoulder!"

My mom sent 2 packages for Christmas over a month ago to ensure it would be there by the end of December, and because the last decorated box we sent got held in customs for 2 months she sent small & plain boxes. Evan got one box well over a month before Christmas and ripped it open not knowing it was his present! He luckily received the other one box later & saved it for Christmas day. And above is one of his favorite breakfast meals, pancakes with peanut butter & syrup! 

"One of the members in our ward has a real Christmas tree, like a real pine tree. When we entered her house to eat, it smelled really good and we wondered what potpourri she bought to make the house smell so good. No, it was too good to be true. He had a real Christmas tree! I enjoyed the moment with a few pics :) For the record, pine trees are not found so easily in the Villahermosa, Mexico mission."

"This is the Santos Family (o la familia Santos en espaƱol), and they are awesome! We're going to baptize the father when he comes back from working in Ciudad de Carmen."

We had a nice & long Skype chat with our favorite missionary, which was honestly the highlight of my Christmas day! We got to meet his companion, Elder Angeles, for a quick minute; and we got to hear Evan's pretty awesome accent. Definitely made my stomach drop because I have got a lot of work to do..the goal is to be semi-fluent by Christmas next year so I can surprise him on our Skype call. Evan sang a little Christmas song here for his friends & family, hope you enjoy it! 

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