Breezy Days: Graduation Battle: High School v. College


April 30, 2014

Graduation Battle: High School v. College

I'm sure from the overgramming on my Insta-profile, you saw that I graduated this past Friday! I'm so excited to have finally gotten to this point, and thought it would be great to compare where I was at my high school graduation and college graduation :) This post is inspired by Ashley's at Making Our Marx, make sure to head over to check it out! 

17 ------> 22
Royal blue -----> Navy blue
Natural blonde curls -----> Bright blonde ombre curls
Titan -----> Cougar
1.5 year high school relationship ------> 3 year eternal marriage
Grossman ------> Rios
ASB goody-two shoes treasurer ------> Honor code rebel 
California golden glow -------> Utah blinding white complexion
Only sandals in my shoe wardrobe ------> 3 pairs of booties & 7 pairs of tall boots
Secret Facebook profile ------->  Public blog, Instagram, and Twitter 
Thinking of a business degree -------> Family Studies, Music, and Communication degrees
Stayed away from animal print ------> Obsessed with leopard print anything
Corona, CA -------> Provo, UT
Afraid to wear my "nerdy" glasses -----> Nerdy glasses are in style & all the rage
Non-existent blonde eyebrows -----> Waxed, tinted, and filled in brows
Braces in 2004  -----> And again in 2011
Verizon flip phone -----> iPhone5
2009 -----> 2014


Ashley Marx said...

Haha, yours is so cute!!! We had a lot of similar changes :) Whiter skin and better eyebrows -- Love it!

Stefani said...

Congrats on graduating! This was such a cute post. :-)

Rachel Sayumi Porter said...

I saw it on Ashley's blog and loved it too! Now I might have to do it...