Breezy Days: Fluffy Puppies + A Crazy Life


April 23, 2014

Fluffy Puppies + A Crazy Life

It has been a crazy couple of weeks my friends! Wrapping up my last semester and finals week EVER has been surreal and absolutely draining. You'll have to follow me on Instagram for some regular updates until the rat race slows down. My folks come into town tomorrow night, graduation on Friday, hanging with the family, then finally settling down with no homework for once!

Until after this weekend craziness, I'll leave you with these adorable pictures of a border collie puppy at the Provo Spring Festival that I got to hold. His name is Chance, and you can rent him for a few hours from Puppies For Rent in Provo, which is exactly what I'm gonna do next week as a present to myself. These yawning pictures literally SLAY me. See you next week Chance ;)


Unknown said...

I DIED over these puppy pictures on cute!

Enjoy graduation, girl...congrats!


Bree said...

Omg he is sooo cute!! <3