Breezy Days: Getting Slim With Ideal Shape


April 21, 2014

Getting Slim With Ideal Shape

With it coming up on the warmer months, my mind is definitely on shedding the extra weight I packed on during this cold winter. I was sent the Ideal Shape kit to try it out, and I have been very pleased with the results! 

I mix up the chocolate IdealShake with almond milk in my nifty little blender bottle, and it is DELISH. They recommend drinking a glass of water afterward the shake, which helped in curbing my hunger while also making me feel full for hours! I've been having this almost everyday because it's such an easy way to make sure I have breakfast, plus it's help me to steer away from extra snacking.

The IdealBar was super filling and smelled like Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal, I've had a couple of these so far and it definitely is a "powerful meal replacement!" The NatralShape enhanced hunger blocker pills are an extra supplement that aids in curbing that hunger. When taken about 30 minutes before eating a meal I've found that I eat less, which helps great with my portion control! The whole system has been extremely effective and I already feel my jeans fitting better! Summer here I come ;)

If you want to try some out for yourself {which I highly recommend you do!}, then use this 10% discount code: BREEZY10

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