Breezy Days: Get Ready for Prom with Samm + Bri


April 7, 2014

Get Ready for Prom with Samm + Bri

With prom season coming up, I teamed up with one of my best friends from high school to bring you hair and makeup tutorials! I had a ton of classes with Samm all throughout high school and she became one of my closest friends, and her nickname for me was Princess Buttercup. Mostly cause I was {ahem, still am} in love with Reese's buttercups...I'll take it ;)

Samm is showing us how to create a brown smokey-eye look with a pop of color in using a bright blue eyeliner. I love how she shows how to blend all the different colors together, I definitely needed this because I'm such a makeup novice. This makeup look would go great with a gorgeous shimmering blue dress! It would complement the dress without it taking any attention away from it. Make sure to check out Samm's makeup channel SassySamey!

This is a tutorial I posted a while back, but I talk about how to curl your hair, blow-dry your side bangs, and put in clip-in extensions! It would be a fun and easygoing look that goes with anything from a slinky gown to a sparkly cocktail party dress! 

Hope you enjoyed the tutorials! :) 

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Heidi's Wanderings said...

Getting ready for prom is just part of the fun of the day. Brings back memories.