Breezy Days: Best Cheap Eats in Provo


March 4, 2014

Best Cheap Eats in Provo

Whenever there are family or friends passing through town they inevitably ask "What are the best places to eat in Provo?" I have some good places up my sleeve and figured it was about time that I make a list and share it with all of you! If you're heading to Salt Lake? Check out this awesome list from Kelsey of the Best Places to Eat in SLC!

This is a total hole-in-the-wall taqueria that Ryan showed me when we were first dating. It's our secret favorite place that we hardly share with lucky ducks! My go-to dishes are the carne asada tacos and carne asada quesadillas. A great place to get authentic Mexican food in Provo!

This place is known for its pie shakes and delicious burgers. Plus they have our unique Utah fry sauce that is perfect with their sweet potato fries. It has a total hipster atmosphere and is special only to Provo and Rexburg, so it's definitely worth the stop by!

Unlimited french toast anyone? Buttery, strawberry, syrup-y goodness on thick slices of french toast. Yummmm. Kneaders offers cozy soups, tasty sandwiches, and amazing eclairs along with other pastries. A great place for breakfast, lunch, or a treat!

They have an affordable and filling lunch buffet with chicken tiki masala and lots of naan bread. The service is on the spot and you get your food extremely fast. The food doesn't sit heavy like some Indian food can, it is very tasty and I always feel satisfied!

If you've never had Cafe Rio, I feel so sorry for you. The pork salad is perfection! Pretty much anything you get at this chain Mexican grill is amazing, you can't go wrong.

Their cream cheese filled croissants and orange rolls make me DROOL. All I can say is go over there right now and grab a box of pastry goodness for breakfast. Share with no one.

Located right south of BYU campus, it's the hip place to be! They serve massive pieces of unique pizza recipes, which make it stand out from the other pizza joints in town. 

This place tops Swig and The Slurp by a bazillion gold stars. The customer service is outstanding, the soda drink mixes are addicting, and the sugar cookies are absolute heaven. It's located on the back of a barber shop and is just a drive-thru or walk-up window. I honestly can't recommend this place enough!

One of my new favorite taco places in Provo. Compared to Taqueria El Vaquero, this tends toward gourmet Mexican food. They have this amazing chimichurri mac&cheese side, a huge array of tacos {Asian, American, and traditional Mexican}, and you can turn any taco into a taco salad. Sooo tasty!

Do you have any secret favorites you would add to the list or places you're dying to try?


Kelsey Eaton said...

yumm! great job!!

Jess said...

I love provo bakery!!! I would also add el gallo giro and sensuous sandwich! :)

Natalie said...

i love taqueria el vaquero! i always get the chicken quesadilla and coby gets the carne asada tacos. soooo good. pretty sure i'm going to go tonight now. all of these picks are so spot on!

Birdie said...

Love all of these!!

xoxo Birdie

Emmett Katherine said...

all these food pictures look delicious. they make me want to take a trip down to provo!

Emmett - Hippie Lace

pcberdwin said...

Bombay House. The End.