Breezy Days: Clip-in Extensions + Curls Hair Tutorial


March 7, 2014

Clip-in Extensions + Curls Hair Tutorial

Up until college I always used hot rollers to curl my hair because I could never get used to using a stupid curling iron with a clip! Now that I know how to use it...I absolutely love my curling rod, I would seriously recommend it to anyone and everyone. Mainly because it has no clip and gets super hot really fast which means less time doing your hair. Also, now that I know how to use my clip-in extensions I just love wearing them. There are some good options for hair extensions from Best Hair Buy that you should check out with different colors, textures, and lengths to choose from!

{Blouse c/o Ever+Mi Crush}

I use extensions mostly to create a thicker mane because I can grow my hair pretty long and don't particularly need the extra length. With my thin hair, I like that thick and luscious look that girls with more hair have. You always want what you can't have! I hope you enjoyed my video, but if you want some further instruction take a look at Best Hair Buy's YouTube channel all about hair!


Unknown said...

Bri!! I miss you so so much! I love your cute video and your cute face! "hair" :)

Unknown said...

Pretty! I love the the curls!! I just might have to try it out! Thanks for the tutorial!

Rachel said...

Wow, those blend well! As a hairdresser I can spot extensions pretty easily so I'm impressed when they aren't very obvious, and I think the loose curls look great with your natural hair texture!

hair extensions said...

Hair Extensions can be washed and styled just like naturally grown hair. They can be shampooed and conditioned, blow dried, flat ironed, and curled. In many cases, the extensions can even be colored along with the naturally-grown hair. However, many women choose to simply use Remy Clip In Hair Extensions that already closely match their own hair color. In other cases, women choose to use the extensions as a way to highlight their natural hair color and have them placed accordingly.