Breezy Days: Frame It


March 14, 2014

Frame It

Did I ever tell you the story of when I lost my $400 glasses when watching Horton Hears a Who? Well, I guess there's the story right there haha! I took off my glasses during the movie because they were bothering my nose and put them in the cup holder next to me. I go back literally 20 minutes later to retrieve them and they're gone. Say what?!

I have such horrible eyesight, it's not like anyone could actually use my lenses! I'm sure they either got swept into the trash or pocketed by someone so they could keep the frames, what a shame! I snagged some Vera Wang frames after that incident during my junior year of high school. Fast-forward a few years with my prescription changing and slowly deteriorating eyesight {I sound like I'm 80}, and I can't stomach paying over $100 for glasses with my college budget.

I've gotten my plastic frames and prescription lenses from Zenni Optical, although when I have some extra cash flow I'd love to spring for some prescription glasses from Bonlook. They are not only affordable, but are of good quality and totally stylish! I'm always on the prowl for a great eyeglass company that provides budget-friendly prescription eyewear ;) Feel free to share your favorite prescription eyewear site!


Harlynn said...

Ohhh my gosh nobody would be leaving the theater until my damn glasses were returned!! I'd fip shit!
I'm currently loving Firmoo's Classic Brand, actually have one more day to enter the giveaway. c:
I love your shades! They're gorgeous.


Rachel said...

I've never bought glasses online--I feel like full frames look strange on me and I haven't seen a lot of options for the half-frame, metal style that I prefer. My strategy for buying cheap glasses is to get them when I'm overseas. :P

Em @ said...

Hey girl! Omg I would CRY if I ever lost my glasses. Yours are so cute! I hear ya on not wanting to spend so much on glasses. Pearle Vision is the worst offender of them all when it comes to getting new ones. They wanted to charge me over $1,000 for two pairs of glasses and they were only Coach not flippin' Versace! Lol. I don't have a strong prescription at all either. So lame!

optix said...

I'm loving Firmoo's Classic Brand, I love your shades! They're gorgeous. keep sharing please