Breezy Days: Weekend Update: Bekah's Bridal Shower + Jazz B-Ball


March 24, 2014

Weekend Update: Bekah's Bridal Shower + Jazz B-Ball

On Saturday I hit up the bridal shower of one of my friends I've known since being a college freshmen. She is getting married this upcoming weekend in California in a gorgeous wedding dress she's sewing herself. Bekah is the girl who comes to mind when you think beach bohemian, and she will rock that flower crown like no one's business! 

Another one of my good friends from freshmen year, Kimberly was at the bridal shower and we enjoyed the italian sodas, panty cookies, and delicious chicken croissant sandwiches! I just love catching up with old friends because they feel like family :)

Bekah got a truckload of gorgeous lingerie and let it rain with all her lacy underwear! She even had "strippers"...who were just a couple of her guy friends dancing hilariously weird with no shirts on. I busted up when I noticed one of the guys wearing a CTR ring...which stands for "Choose the Right" hahaha! Ohhh Provo.

After the bridal shower I ran some errands and saw on Facebook a girl in my church ward putting up some free lower bowl tickets to the Jazz vs. Magic game that night. Um, heck yes! I hurried up home to pick up the tickets, then grab Ryan, and we were off to the game! It was kind of a boring game until the last 5 minutes where it was neck and neck.  

The Jazz ended up winning by ONE point with a three pointer. Absolutely INSANE. We drove home from SLC, picked up some In-N-Out then watched a movie at home together. All in all it was an eventful and fun weekend! Now we're back to the grind of school, yuck! 

Only 32 more days 'till graduation though :D


Em @ said...

I had my bridal shower on Saturday too! That is totally amazing that your friend is sewing her own wedding dress! I wish I had that skill! :)

Sierra @ Sierra's View said...

That cake is AMAZING! haha.
Also, I love me some basketball :) haha

Roberto said...

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