Breezy Days: The Struggle is Real


March 26, 2014

The Struggle is Real

I am getting some hardcore senioritis. I have 30 days until graduation and 20 more days until the end of classes. I'm dying a slow and painful death under homework, group projects, quizzes, papers, and tests. BLERGHHHHHH.

{Wedges c/o Shoe Carnival}

What stinks even more is that even though I super don't want to do anything school related, I'm such a snot when it comes to grades. Must do all the assignments and extra credit! I can't even be a proper slacker if I tried. I just gotta endure to the end! Happy...Wednesday? Gosh, I can't even get my days straight. Anyone else feelin' this?!


Harlynn said...

You look absolutely gorgeous!!
I love the bird print on the dress, and the red over throw. c:
I wish I was like you when it comes to school! Haha. I do also feel you on the "it's Wednesday right?" Haha.


Unknown said...

At least you look cute! Love that dress!

Lauren Cooper said...

You can do it!!!! Also…I mean you look fab so thats what really matters! xoxoxo

Bree said...

I MISS YOU!!! :(

Please call when you're not dying studying. I snooped on your page and you said you got that job?!? Gah, I need details! :)

love you!


Birdie said...

TELL me about it!! 5 essays standing between me and graduation and I'm about to just throw in the towel...or stay up all night every night trying to get these babies done.

CUTE dress, by the way!

xoxo birdie