Breezy Days: I'm a Barbie Girl...Not.


November 14, 2011

I'm a Barbie Girl...Not.

I have virgin hair.
I've never dyed my hair, shocking I know, I'm naturally this blonde! {Not in the dumb sense, my brothers would sometimes disagree...} 
No hairstylist will dare dye it because they say other people would die {pun} to have to my hair color. I used to mess around with new hairstylists and offer them 200 bucks to dye my hair dark brown, they all would laugh and say "HECK NO". I love my hair, don't most girls? 
When I'm in the Cali sun it gets BRIGHT blonde, while in Utah it dies down {bahaha pun}, and it gets a little darker and it looks like I have highlights. Love it :)

But, because of my hair color, I used to be adamantly against having two colors in my wardrobe, yellow.....and pink. 
Yellow because I would look like a banana, wayyy too much yellow goin on. 
And pink because I didn't like being called Barbie. I know you're probably thinkin':

"Doesn't everyone want to look like Barbie!?"
I'll break it down for you:
Me: Natural & curvy hourglass figure. A REAL body.
Barbie: The proportions are so ridiculously off, and those numbers give unrealistic expectations to everyone.
Me: Difficult to find clothes because I don't want to look like a skanky pin-up.
Barbie: Easy to find clothes, they are specially made for her.
Me: Short, 5'3 and have to tailor EVERYTHING.
Barbie: Perfect in every way. Supposedly. 

Only things in common? Blonde hair and a well endowed chest.
So do I want to be compared to her? ehhhh not really.
You know what I do love? The sun, fall, fall leaves, fall colors, Christmas decorations, Christmas food, Thanksgiving food, family get togethers, boots, fuzzy socks, and
A curvy girls best friend is a sweater. I swear half of my closet is sweaters. Different colors, prints, cuts, fits. They go with everything, they are relatively cheap, they skim your curves, and gives you a pulled-together look. Favorite places: Forever 21 for cheap and cute ones {be warned: their clothes are made for skinny-minnies, be very very picky there}, my absolute FAV place for sweaters in Ann Taylor Loft. They have amazing sales, the sweaters are true to size {actually everything is}, and they are so deliciously softtttttttttttt.
{I recognize that there is a blonde hair on my jeans. I shed! I can't help it!}
Sweater, Jeans: F21. Top: Loft. Necklace: LA Fashion District. Boots: Qupid. Belt: AE. 

 {No-Shave November}
We are on day 14....oh please be over soon.

The winner of the giveaway??
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<3 Bri

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Shleby Lynn said...

You are so cute! I loved this post. Awesome. And I just recently realized that most of my wardrobe consistes of sweaters too!! :) Gotta love 'em.