Breezy Days: The Story of Us: Airport Scene {Part 15}


April 21, 2013

The Story of Us: Airport Scene {Part 15}

After I got off the phone with him, on the night that he tells me he loves me...I was completely shaken.
Is this real? It can't be. Am I ready for this?

It's planned that on January 2, 2011 he is to pick me up from the Salt Lake City airport.
I tell him which luggage carousel to find me at, I walk off the plane and scan the crowd for him...
 anddd there is no love-y dove-y romantic embrace.
Probably because he was at the wrong carousel and more specifically, he wasn't even in the same building as I was. Oops. That just dashed my romantic fantasy! 

As I'm waiting for my luggage to come around the carousel, and for Ryan to find mind starts to race and I begin to feel overwhelmed even little stressed.

He finally finds me at the right carousel, and then grabs my waist and pulls me in for a sweet kiss.
Cue the awkwardness. What the heck is going on with me?

We had this big momentous turn in our relationship {granted, over the phone}, and I didn't even know what to say now that I've seen him in person. Actually, I just didn't even feel like talking at all.

He loads my luggage into the car and we ride back to Provo, practically in silence the whole way home. For anyone who knows me...that's a little odd.
You could say it's even worrisome that I'm not jibber-jabbering the whole hour back.

I wasn't afraid or upset, just completely absorbed with all of my thoughts and feelings.
So engulfed, in fact, that I couldn't manage to choke out anything to say to the guy that would most likely be mine for the rest of my life. I was in the midst of sorting out my feelings and figuring where our relationship was going to go from there. Is the thought of marriage really that far off?
And of course the ever-looming I ready?

Not the romantic "meeting at the airport scene" you were thinking was gonna happen, huh?

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Unknown said...

Okay. I somehow came across your blog and felt the need to read each and every installment of your love story... in one sitting. My husband asked me, "Why are you reading that? You don't even know them." haha. Needless to say you are awesome and I'm a new follower.

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