Breezy Days: California Love


April 24, 2013

California Love

{Initial necklace, a gift from Ryan}

Finals are done, and it's that weekend. You know, the one where we finally move to California for the summer for Ryan's job and my internship. I'm twitterpated with such overwhelming excitement! I don't even know why I'm sitting here on the couch watching Hart of Dixie {only because I LOVE Rachel Bilson} and reading blogs because I should definitely be running around like a madwoman cleaning up the house and starting to pack. But after such a crazy long day yesterday, I almost feel justified sitting on the couch to be a potato for a little while.

We went up to Salt Lake where I got my skin checked {2 years cancer free!} and after the devastation of my iPhone breaking this past weekend I was able to get it replaced for free. Which definitely saved me a lot of stress, time, and money! Then we wrapped up the day by dropping by our friends place to say goodbye, only to be invited to stay for dinner where they totally doted on us with a delicious Spanish dinner and made-from-scratch brownies {which Ben whipped up when he heard we were coming over}. It makes me so grateful to have such awesome and caring friends!!
Well, I'm playing the procrastination game pretty well and now have to get some work done in the house. I'll see you on the other side my friends :)


Jenn @ What You Make It said...

Wow congrats on heading to Cali - and 2 years cancer free! I clicked the link and read your story - that is crazy to go through. It sounds like you're stronger because of it.

Jan said...

Yay! Excited for your summer adventure :) And yay for being cancer free!


Unknown said...

YAY! Get your butt here ASAP! :)

And I am always a bit obsessed with Rachel Bilson!

xo, Courtney

Carly said...

Yayyyyyyy sounds like all awesome news! Can't wait for you to get out here!


Lexie said...

I love your necklace!! So pretty!

xoxo, Lexie

Ashley said...

Safe travels down here!!! & Congrats on 2 years being cancer free! So awesome!!!!

Anonymous said...

Have a great Summer in Cali...I'm pretty jealous, not even gonna lie! :)

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