Breezy Days: Things Only Californians Know


April 1, 2013

Things Only Californians Know

In-N-Out tastes better after you have been at the beach all day and you are covered in sand.

You will never ever ever refer to it as Cali.
Only people from "the outside" call it Cali.

The Indiana Jones ride breaks down at least a bazillion times a year.
And it always seems to happen when you are there. Bogus!

Speaking of Disneyland...skipping school to hit up D-land is the bestest idea in the world.
No tourists, no lines....all awesomeness.

You know that the 91 freeway sucks pretty much at all times of the day.

You also know the 3-5 freeways it takes to get from where you live to anywhere awesome.
{Aka LA, D-land, the beach}

Instagraming sushi, beach sunsets, your new sandals, and fro-yo is absolutely necessary.

No one cares what you are wearing, who you are with, and what you are doing.
We ain't got no time for that!

Avocados taste better on anything and everything.

What kind of jeans & shoes you wear says pretty much everything about you.
Buckle jeans? Tool.
True Religion? Expensive.
Target? Ballin' on a budget.

You make fun of Fresno and call it the armpit of CA...unless you live there.
In that case? I'm sorry. 

You know to never go to the beach on the 4th of July unless you want a day of traffic, family fights,  tourists, people crammed on the beach, and no parking spots...essentially h*ll.

Only Nor-Cal kids say "hecka" and do that stanky face dance.
So-Cal kids don't understand that Bay Area stuff!

You bust out your boots & sweaters when it gets to a low of 65 degrees...brrrr!

Ohhhh how I miss California life...
Wait a minute...I'll be there all summer!


Ashley said...

This post cracks me up! SOOOOOO true! Especially about the 91- worst.freeway.ever. & Fresno is definitely the armpit of CA & I lived there for 5 years!
Cute post :)

Samantha Elizabeth said...

This is a great post! Putting boots and a sweater on when it's 65 degrees makes me laugh!
That's shorts weather where I live ;)


Courtney said...

Love this!! So excited for you to get here!!!!

Anna Grossman said...

Uhhhmmmm you forgot that the best part of California is that your lovely family is there!

Nina the selfish seamstress said...

Ugh I cringe whenever anyone says "Cali." It's just weird.

Woop woop! Reppin' the bay area!!

Tatiana said...

hahaha, very educational for those of us on the outside XD totally agreed about avocados!

Bridgette Nicole said...

This is all SO true!! I grew up in Southern California and I can never say Cali, because NO ONE ever called/calls it that unless they are not from here! haha! :) Thanks for making me homesick!

Taylor said...

loving your blog! so so cool! and your outfits! swoon.
now following you, ciao!
love, taylor

Angela said...

I hate when people say Cali or write it. Why do outsiders do that. ugh.

Anonymous said...

I love this post and it is 100 percent true! And just like you I miss living in California and will also be spending the whole summer home!