Breezy Days: Easter Sunday With Friends


April 4, 2013

Easter Sunday With Friends

I missed my little brother, Evan, this Easter because he isn't here like last year, but I wrote him a letter & made his favorite fruit salad in honor of him!
Ryan and I couldn't wait to open up our Easter baskets that the bunny brought for us, so we opened them at midnight on Easter!
{The "bunny" being me at Target the week of Easter, totally original!}

Sunday we were invited to head over to our friend's place for a potluck and Easter egg dyeing. 
The food was absolutely delectable and the company was so entertaining! 
We shrink wrapped sports wrappers on the eggs, and the guys got a kick out of that.
Cheap entertainment.

Now get ready for a complete photo dump, my mom will most appreciate this because she usually drags all of these to her desktop and saves them to the computer.
Then when I visit home I'm like "how the heck did you get all these pictures?!"
She totally Facebook, blog, and Insta-stalks me :)

Hooray for friends, sunny Sunday's, delish food, and Easter basket goodies!
Happy Thursday, it's almost the weekend!

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Unknown said...

I love that you two exchanged baskets. My fiancé and I have since we started dating four years ago and I love it!