Breezy Days: Forcing Life to Slow Down


October 9, 2011

Forcing Life to Slow Down

I can't even remember a page's worth of stuff for a test but a 5-year can rap a whole Nicki Minaj song. It's ridiculous.

I have 3 more tests this next week. Doesn't it feel like life never slows down?

5 tips to FORCE life to slow down:

     1. Purposely put your phone in a room that you hardly ever go in and/or avoid. Example: the laundry room.

     2. Pretend you don't have 3 tests this week and proceed to read Glamour and play with your craft table. 

     3. Use Pinterest motivation to clean/organize EVERYTHING to avoid doing things you actually have to do.

     4.  Take bubble baths :)


     5. Lounge around bra-less and use that as an excuse to not run errands. 

<3 Bri

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