Breezy Days: Totes Awk Situ


October 11, 2011

Totes Awk Situ

Want to hear a true "blonde moment" story? I'll set the scene.

Ryan and I registered at Target for our wedding registry because they have the awesome-est stuff there.
Their return policy is probably the most horrific I've ever heard of:
  • If you don't have a receipt (which let's be honest, how many people give gift receipts with their wedding presents, and you aren't gonna ASK for one), your drivers license acts as the receipt and you are only allowed to return up to 70 dollars worth of stuff FOR A WHOLE YEAR. 
  • If you have a wedding registry, you may return 150 dollars worth of stuff. Not 150 for each person in the couple. 150 for both.
So. Two receptions and lots of people not looking at the registry resulted in TONS of returns. How many licenses did we end up using? 7 drivers licenses. 

Yet I digress...

My mother was absolutely furious upon the discovery of this information and proceeded to chew out the Lake Elsinore, CA Target employees. Which was then followed by my father doing the same.

My mother THEN traveled to the Orem, UT Target and ranted to this woman at Target. She was shorter, blonde hair, older woman. Keep her in mind please. 

My mother gets us free coupons and continues to rant about she will never shop in Target again.

Then we go buy curtains from Target. But that is the LAST thing my mom will ever buy from Target.

Fast-forward 4 weeks to my birthday
We are, yet again, in the Orem Target with my friend Hayley Hucks, where we are going to use her license to return the last of the gifts. We run into THE SAME WOMAN my mom ranted out. about a totes awk situ (totally awkward situation). We pray that she doesn't recognize us then we carry on with our little selves to peruse Target.

Fast-forward to 1.5 weeks ago
I just had my first day of Junior Jazz referee-ing (reffing 1st&2nd graders, so fun!), Ryan suggests we use our free dinner and go to Cafe Rio. I LOVE Cafe Rio! I'm looking all gangster in my Staff shirt and basketball shorts and hop into line. I'm telling Ryan all about my adventurous night, I realize that this woman behind us who looks awfully familiar keeps looking at us. It dawns on me, OH YES, she is in our ward, one of the woman in the relief society! I must say hi! 

So being my dorky self I turn around and say "Heyyyy how you doin!" She then awkwardly answers back "Umm....good". I of course don't want the convo to be awkward so I start blabbing about my work and what we are getting to eat, introduce Ryan, then the woman introduces us to her gal-pal roommate...that's when things got a TAD fishy. I then say "Well hey, it was nice seeing ya! Hope you have a good dinner!"

We turn around and instantly....
(Whispers) "Bri...who was that."
"Isn't she in our ward??"
"Um. No...but she looks SO familiar though!"
*Insert brainstorming* 

After all that jazz, Ryan and I hop in the car and are driving home, talking, when he shouts out...


"Umm..yes Ryan we did just pass by Target."
"Ah crap."

I was totally chatting up the Target lady in the Cafe Rio, acting like we are friends and what not, when in reality she totally jipped us on our registry. Am I pretty sure that she recognized us? Yes. Am I sure that next time I spot her in Target I will hide? Yes. Am I now mocked for this? Yes. 
Itso facto, no registrys at Target anymore....

<3 Bri

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