Breezy Days: Dating Extravaganza


October 23, 2011

Dating Extravaganza

Since the day Ryan and I have met...I think we have only gone on 4-5 "official" dates. I made a comment this weekend of how he never takes me on dates anymore now that we are married. And being a man....he took it as a challenge. Don't you love when a challenge works in everyone's favor? {Forgive me an evil chuckle}

Date #1: Outback Steakhouse
Did we dress up cute? Yes. Did we smell absolutely delicious? Yes. {The waitress even commented on how good we smelled....could be taken as a creepy compliment. But a compliments a compliment right??}
 I tried to get him to take decent pictures of my outfit {fail}. 
And pictures where his face doesn't look like a rotten squash {fail}. 
What wasn't a fail? Our fun conversation, delicious food {grilled shrimp, ranch salad, bloomin' onion, and sirloin steak, yummmm}, and a night ending with redbox movies and chocolate chip cookies :)
{The squash picture and my crazy eyes}
{The good one}
{My "I don't know what the heck you are doing...take the picture face"}
{Really loosey goosey outfit, looked better in persona}

 In-Between Sister/Brother Date #1.5: 100 Dresses Play @ BYU
Evan and I went to my bff Hayley Hucks' {refer to Sparknotes for character summary} play in which she was a lead character. It was a play about bullying and how that can affect little kids, it was a children's play and was wayyyy fun. If you live in Utah county, they will still be performing it for elementaries in this area until December! 
{Evan and I in the audience, patiently awaiting for the play to start}
{The set of the play}
{Hayley & Handsome Rob}
{Myself, Hayley, and Evan after the show. Great job Hayley!!!}

Date #2: Trafalga Fun Center
After the play, Evan, Ryan, and I hit up Red Robin together. Stuffed our faces after taking almost an hour to decide on where to eat, and reveled in the deliciousness of the new SWEET POTATO FRIES. Try them. SOOO good. We dropped off Evan so he could go par-tay with his amigos and we drove around thinking on who we should call and what to do.
 I called up Dan & Lacey Gregory, friends from back home {Corona, CA} that I grew up with, and on a whim we decided to head to Trafalga. Ok, for anyone who doesn't know what Trafalga's a really ghetto arcade/go-kart/batting cages place in Orem. It's actually where my parents went on their first date :) {cue the ahhhhhhhhs!}

Can you say 'ummmm total blast?'
{Lacey&Dan startin' off the golf course}
{Glow in the dark mini-golf}
{I promise he doesn't make this face all the time}
{We did double-seater go-karts. SO MUCH FUN! Great idea Lacey!}
{Take a ride with us!}
{The final skid-out}
{He won the 500 ticket bonus!! NUTS!}

Suffice it to say it was a good weekend. What fun/cheap thing do YOU do this weekend?? 

<3 Bri


Typical LDS girl said...

Oh come on, being a CA driver you couldn't handle the go-karts?! haha I love how you scream and say "oh my gosh" the whole time. It makes the video much more entertaining :)

Unknown said...

I felt like I was gonna die with RYAN'S Montana way of driving!!! I sacrificed myself for the sake of entertainment! :)

Taylor Ann said...

OK, your blog is darling! And brother/sister dates are the best :) I have a darling blonde little brother too!

Unknown said...

Thank you! And I absolutely LOVE having my brother at school with me :) How old is your brother?