Breezy Days: A National Holiday


October 2, 2011

A National Holiday


I woke up this past wednesday morning, decided to not go to class because IT IS MY BIRTHDAY. Went to lunch with my bestie Hayley Corinne Hucks :)
She was sick, and i had just woken up. Excuse the hideousness. She took me to Zupas then we perused Target for some cute stuff while Ryan supposedly went to the electronics section.

Ryan and I came home, did some homework then got ready for our dinner reservation at Tucanos! Using my birthday club coupon....which means I got a FREE dinner! Yummmmm
My cute husby at dinner :)
{My birthday outfit!} 

After dinner we went to go see The Help at the nearby theater (good movie btw!), during the movie my brother Evan kept on calling....So I'm thinking that he is either 

A.) Dying
B.) Wants me to proofread an essay

I call back after the movie and ask "What the heck is going on?!", he answers back all huffin' and puffin' saying that I "ruined" his surprise. What? He felt bad that he hadn't seen me earlier on my birthday, so he decided to ride his bike all the way from the dorms to north orem to surprise me, by making brownies at my house for when I got home. 
{The Ride}

Ya, that ride is about 7 miles. We see him on the side of road just truckin' along on his bike, I got out and I gave him a huge hug and almost wanted to cry because it was such a sweet gesture. 
{Me & Evs}

We then went to my apartment where Evan made up all the funfetti & red velvet cupcakes that Ryan surprised me with, while Ryan and I did homework. 

All in all. I had an AMAZING 20th birthday :) 
I was again reminded of how much my friends and family love me. I don't brag about much...but what I do brag about most is the absolutely positively amazing people I am blessed to have in my life.

<3 Bri


Jordan said...

awww Evan is so sweet... he could teach Ryan a thing or two ;)
ps... your bday outfit is HOT

Unknown said...

Evan is sweet! And I think Evan could teach everyone a thing or two....haha! And thanks!!! The skirt is supposedly a "mini" skirt from Target for $10. Awesome huh?!