Breezy Days: Sickly Crafting


October 25, 2011

Sickly Crafting

So I may be getting sick again...really now?! I'm so tired of being sick, it takes wayyy too much energy and it's a waste of my time. Plus I would really like it if the snot stopped rolling down my face at such inopportune times such as: talking to friends at school or in a silent testing center. Gross, but the truth.

I've been in a crafting mood lately, ok, maybe it's just that my crap is sprawled all over the kitchen table and I'd like to get some stuff done before I have to clean it all up. But, the other day I sat down to make some jewelry and ending up making something heinous. It was really depressing. Apparently I need diet coke and cold medicine in my system to make some cute stuff.
{I have eyebrows! They are just really blonde. And the infamous smirk Ryan fell in love with.}
{I was just trying this out together, the zipper and the key that is. I keep getting mixed reviews on it from Ryan, Evan, and the parentals. What do you think? And be honest! I promise I won't go cry in a corner.}
{A turquoise bead with a rolled flower attached. It's really cute in person I might add. If you want the set let me know before it goes on etsy! They are mega cute, probably gonna make some for myself.}
{The current state of my kitchen table...sewing machine, glue gun, jewelry kit, array of beads and fabrics, and to top it off my Diet Coke :)}

Anyone who is sick out there, I'm so sorry :/ Come on over and we will be sickly together. And make stuff. 

<3 Bri


The Nay Family said...

You are way too cute! Love the earrings as well as the state of your craft table! ;) Hope you get to feeling better soon!

Unknown said...

Thanks!!! I finally had to clean it up cause Ryan's brain was about to explode. And thanks!! :)