Breezy Days: 2012 in Review

2012 in Review

January 1, 2013
+ The start of "The Story of Us" {I promise I'll finish it!!!}
+ Started my Crafting Just Bee-Cuzzzz craft club at a local elementary school

+ A memorable Valentines with a Valentine blogger swap & The Vow with Ryan
Thorroblot 2012, an Icelandic solstice feast

+ Zannie's, one of my favorite cousins, wedding in Las Vegas.

Easter with Ryan and my brother Evan

+ Moved into our 'lil yellow brick house in Provo
+ Got my new job at Francesca's

+ A Spanish Bridal Shower for Alexa
+ A Lingerie Bridal Shower for Nikole

+ My trip to Cali to visit family

+ A "Let's Get Toasted" s'mores 21st birthday party!

+ Decorated like crazy for Halloween!
+ Ryan turned 26!

+ A road trip gone bad as we traveled down to So-Cal for the USC v. UCLA football game at the Rose Bowl, and to see Evan's mission call to Villahermosa, Mexico.

+ Putting up our first real Christmas tree was not what I was expecting
+ A perfect ending to finals
+ My family coming to visit us in Provo for Christmas

Can't wait to see what 2013 has in store for us! :)

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Meg said...

I love your pics!! Your blog is so so cute. I now feel the dire need to go to Disneyland... Happy 2013 :-) Xo