Breezy Days: After-Christmas Sales


December 31, 2012

After-Christmas Sales

{Our Christmas tradition, hitting up the movie theater! We took pictures beforehand & Jesse photo bombed. Dork.}

I haven't been around the blog world for the obvious reasons:

A. The family came up from So-Cal to visit Ryan & I for Christmas
B. My work schedule has been crrrrrazy at Francesca's
C. Now I'm about ready to face plant and just sleep for a straight week.

With all of this craziness behind me, and a new year just around the corner...
I'm figuring out what to wear & do for NYE and 
what to snag with all the awesome after-Christmas sales going on! 

Some great sales to check out:
Francesca's is doing an additional 30% off sale items.
Victoria Secret is doing a BOGO on their bras in store until Tuesday.
Dollar shipping on these sick hoodies at
Loft is doing 50% off of everything.

If you guys find any good deals, let me know because I always love a good sale :)
Can't wait to tell you all about my awesome Christmas & the crazy Frannie customers!!

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Danielle said...

We are nominating you for the Liebster Award, visit our site for the details! Love your blog! Such cute pics!