Breezy Days: Oh Christmas Tree


December 10, 2012

Oh Christmas Tree

I had our Christmas tree date planned for honestly two weeks.
I was so excited and dreamt of a beautiful night of picking out the tree, setting it up, and decorating it while drinking hot chocolate and watching claymations all the while laughing at each others jokes.
Pretty much what a Christmas tree commercial would look like.

We picked the most awesome tree.
I had to drive over to Wells Fargo to pull out the cash for it.
Couldn't find the cash, thought I left it at the ATM, had a minor heart attack at the tree lot, ripped apart the car for it, then found it in my bra.
Placed the massive tree on top of my tiny Jetta.
Dragged it into the house.
While setting it up on our plastic tree stand, Ryan and his big ace muscles broke a part of the tree stand.
Which is why our tree looks a little wonky and possibly lopsided.
Tried to put lights on it, only to find we were 3 strands short to cover the whole tree.

Went to vacuum up the pine needles.
Vacuum was indeed clogged with all my long blonde hair and pine needles.
Took Ryan over an hour to clean the whole thing out.
By that time I was ready to fall over and cry because not only was I completely exhausted, but this was definitely not what I had imagined.
After that first frenzied night of mayhem, we took a break and got at it again another night, which is all the hard work you are seeing above :) It's a candy-land themed Christmas tree and I can't wait to start wrapping presents to put under there!
By the way, that poinsettia above?
Pretty much died last night in the snow.
Can you tell I'm a little on edge? 

At least I only have 2 finals to go,
 then it'll be time for more Christmas catastrophes! 
If my peppermint treats turn out horribly I will have a snit fit.
Just sayin'


Christi Brazee said...

our pointsetta all died! I don't know what we did wrong! but your decorations look beautiful! I love them.

Courtney said...

I looooove your tree! Did you get two? Each pic looks different

amanda said...

HA bless your heart! NOT what you needed in the middle of finals, that's for sure! Sending good vibes your way for the peppermint treats :)

It's an Easy Life

Kallee Mae said...

Love your decorations!! So fun! I can't wait for Christmas!!

brios0928 said...

Both of mine have died!! I watered them and everything, don't know what the heck happened!! And thank you :)

brios0928 said...

Thanks Kal!! I can't wait for Christmas break :)

Unknown said...

Love the lights on the porch!! It's SO homey! :) New follower.

Courtney said...

Haha I was dying laughing that you had the money in your bra! Too funny!

I find that the majority of the times I try to "plan" dates or special things to happen they almost always fail. The very best memories are the spontaneous ones...and this is difficult for me because I'm a planner.

xo, Courtney

Kirsten Wiemer said...

ok, well it still does look super cute!
and that does sound like the perfect christmas date.
hope things are going more in your favor during this finals week!