Breezy Days: Finals Week


December 9, 2012

Finals Week

For all you students out there, I totally feel your pain of horrendous finals week.
I have a research paper due tomorrow night & 3 tests to take by Wednesday!
I'm trying to not be a complete procrastinator and I'm going to knock out that dumb paper tonight.
It's so hard to focus when all I want to do is go snowboarding, make my jewelry holder, drink hot chocolate, go to a Christmas party, wear tons of glitter and sequins, make gingerbread houses, go gift shopping, wrap presents, and make tasty treats to deliver to my friends!
Welp, as soon as these tests are over & done with....
Christmas overload here I come :)


Rubi Ruiz said...

I FEEL YOU! I am a student too, in finals week, with a paper due on Wednesday and I've been just staring out the window ALL DAY at the beautiful snow storm happenin. Ughhh! I can't concentrate! I am so ready for Christmas overload. Anyways, cute outfit! Good luck with finishing up this week sane! :) Visiting from Modern Modest Beauty! I'm hosting a link-up too if you'd like to join the party!



Jenny said...

Good luck on your tests!! Those shoes are so fun...where are they from?

Danielle said...

While I may be done with school my husband is not, so we are studying all week too! Your shoes are too fun!

Citrus - Refreshing Fashion said...

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XO Meghan