Breezy Days: Romantic Gestures


December 2, 2012

Romantic Gestures

The past two nights I have worked 6 hour closing shifts until 10:30 at night.
It's been pretty brutal with the new holiday hours.

After the evening being pretty tame, my co-worker and I figured it would be so until closing.
Ohhh we were wrong!
The last hour of the mall being open we had at least 15 people stuffed into our little store and the adults and little kids were just touching everything we had strategically put back in place.
Which meant that we were also scurrying around the store putting things back together 
so we wouldn't be there all night!

I came home to see my cute husband standing at the door to greet me with a hug.
He then told me to put my stuff down, grabbed my hand and took me over to the dining room where I saw a beautiful bouquet of flowers.
I totally started tearing up & had tears strolling down my face uncontrollably.

My husband is a very straightforward manly man.
Grand romantic gestures are just something that doesn't come to him naturally.
He shows love by cleaning my car, making me dinner, or fixing the faucet I've been complaining about.

But he knows I love those romantic gestures and even though it is not particularly in his nature,
 he went out of his way to do something sweet that is more my love language than his. 
Which is why I started tearing up when I saw the flowers.
They have so much more meaning than just a sweet gesture.

He then led me into the kitchen and proudly showed off the lasagna he had made.
He served up my share and we sat down and talked about our night with each other.
My heart still hasn't come down from floating around with the clouds :)


Courtney Ramsey said...

so sweet! those holiday mall hours are brutal...been there done that a thousand times. you will get through it girl!!

Xo, Courtney

Halie said...

That sounds so very precious!! What a sweet husband you have :)

natalie said...

that sounds so sweet, what a great relationship.

Amanda said...

THOSE nights are the best! My husband is the same way but hey, their romantic gestures count a lot more than if he did them often... So glad I found your blog! Can't wait to follow along.

It's an Easy Life

brios0928 said...

Thanks Natalie! Ryan & I are always workin' on it :)

brios0928 said...

He totally is, Ryan is always surprising me and I wonder how I caught him!!

Bev said...

reading this surely slapped a smile on my face!! gotta love our men in our lives... for getting us even when we don't make sense sometimes.

hang in there working those late shifts! it'll all pay off on pay day!