Breezy Days: Heaven Sent Messages


January 13, 2013

Heaven Sent Messages

{Jesse, myself, and Evan}

Seeing as how this is a "lifestyle" blog, I have been focusing on sharing more about my life and the lessons that come along with it :)

A couple months ago, my younger brother Evan was called to serve as an missionary in the Villahermosa, Mexico mission for the LDS church.
He will be in the missionary training center starting March 6th, 2013.
To be honest, I cried...actually sobbed when I heard of his call.
I was ecstatic for Evan...but then felt this overwhelming fear for his safety.

I've watched enough documentaries, have been to Mexico myself and know that it's not a safe place.
A tall, white, blonde kid is definitely going to stick out in Mexico!

Ryan assured me that the Lord takes care of his missionaries, and that he will protect my brother.
I prayed and prayed to feel peace and when I didn't feel it instantly, I started to panic.

Over this past month I've met 3 different guys,
{one at a friend's mission homecoming, another was waiting for his sister at the salon, and the third is in my music class} who had recently returned from their missions.
They served in the southern part of Mexico, near Evan's mission. 

I quickly asked, how safe is it?
What are the people like there?
Will my brother be safe?
They all smiled & assured me that he would definitely be safe.
In fact, he is going to one of the safer parts of Mexico.

It didn't hit me until I was sitting in my last class of the day on Thursday,
what are the odds that I pray for peace about my brother's call...
then I meet 3 different guys just returning from where my brother will soon serve?

It's not just coincidence, it was heaven sent.
My heart swelled with joy knowing that my prayers had been heard and answered.

I now feel comforted that he will not only be safe,
but that this will be such a life changing experience for him.
He is one of my bestest friends.
 Even though I will miss him terribly,
I know that he will be doing good work in Mexico along with becoming the best man he can be.

I'm so grateful for answered prayers :)


McKenzie said...

it's so amazing how the Lord uses other people to answer our prayers!
i am happy for your brother! missions are awesome. and he is cute! haha.


Torrie said...

I served in El Salvador (which is one of the most dangerous countries there is right now that still allows missionaries), and I never once doubted that I would be safe.

I experienced way too many miracles on my mission concerning my safety to ever doubt that the Lord takes care of His servants. So no fear--your brother is in the best hands possible :)

Courtney said...

I'm glad that you met those 3 guys to reassure you! Mexico is very dangerous but he is going to serve so God will keep him safe. =)

Unknown said...

i love this. :)

and my husband served in oaxaca mexico, and he hasn't told me of a story where they were in danger at all. the lord definitely does protect his missionaries.

you are wonderful.