Breezy Days: I-Can-Cook-Frozen-Pizza Domestic


January 9, 2013

I-Can-Cook-Frozen-Pizza Domestic

Monday was our first day of the Winter Semester, it's crazy how fast time flies!
I've been looking at my school schedule and have noticed that 
I'm only a few classes away from finishing my major and minors.

So, aside from the craziness of the first day of school...
Monday I'm just bee-boppin' myself around on campus when I get a text from Ryan,
asking when people should come over tonight.

Ummm what?!
I guess he had planned an impromptu party at our place to watch the Notre Dame/Alabama game, 
and I was just finding out a few hours before people were to come over.
Good thing the house was already picked up and we had some food chillin' in the freezer!
You know what's the worst thing ever?
Going to a party when there isn't enough food.
Honestly though, it's depressing.

Granted it was not some gourmet feast, but I whipped up some:
Digiorno pizza, 'lil BBQ smokies, chicken taquitos, and our friends brought some delish chips.

It made for a fun/manly night & I just felt so domestic!
Like I-can-cook-frozen-pizza kind of domestic.


Unknown said...

hahaha -way to go :) and definitely luicky the apartment was already clean (that would be my problem :) nachos or rolls are our go to food items to entertain guests :)


Rebecca @ Frugal Fashion Mommy said...

My husband has done that to me a few times where I found out people were coming over and had to rush to get some sort of edible stuff put together. Frozen pizza is definitely better than nothing! Good job! =)


Kelsey Bang said...

frozen food is the best! i am a big fan! way to go:)

Jan said...

Hahaha! At least there was something to "make" ;)


nicole s. said...

give yourself major props girl! i'm a college grad and i just learned how to make pizza rolls last night. i'll get "domestic" wherever i can take it.