Breezy Days: An Ice Skating B-Day Bash


January 20, 2013

An Ice Skating B-Day Bash

{Blaine, Alayna, myself & Ryan being the bomb dot com on the ice}

This past Friday we went out ice skating for our friend Alayna's birthday!
This was Ryan's FIRST TIME EVER ice skating...ohhhh boy.

We went to the 7 Peaks Ice Arena in Provo, when Ryan and I finally showed up {fashionably late}, the Zamboni was out on the ice doing his work for almost a half hour.
{What the deuce!!}
When it was finally done, we see this couple skate onto the fresh ice...
then he proceeds to get down on one knee.

Do you know what our 'lil group paid attention to when this guy was proposing?
The back of his shirt, which said "Sex Wax" on it.
Referring to a surfboard wax...but still.
That's what you chose to wear when proposing to the love of your life?!

Ummmmm, ya.
 I'd tell that guy to try re-proposing.
The newly engaged couple finally got their bums off the ice so the rest of us could skate!
Ryan refused to hold my hand for fear that if he biffed it that I would be pulled down to my almost certain death, so romantic :)

We skated the night away until we went back to Blaine & Alayna's for some delicious Mississippi Mud Pie Brownies & Funfetti with Strawberry frosting cupcakes {made by Erin}.

Then the group spent the rest of the night watching Pitch Perfect....HILARIOUS.
Anyone who doesn't think Pitch Perfect is funny, definitely has a problem.
We didn't get home from partying up a storm
and actually go to sleep till 1 am {which is late for us old married folk}.
Oh I know, we are living the life ;)

You guys do anything fun this weekend??


Courtney said...

Haha that shirt! Definitely not something I'd appreciate my bf proposing to me in ;)

Sounds like such a fun night! And those cupcakes look delish!

Rachel Sayumi Porter said...

sex wax??? what the freak does that even mean hahaha.

Kelsey Bang said...

ice skating! fun! you look like a pro!