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January 28, 2013

A Little Secret...

If you haven't read my "Story of Us" yet, you probably should.
{It's the classic "I thought you were a tool at first and now I think I'm in love with you" tale}
It starts off with Ryan & I's happenstance meeting and I've definitely left you guys with a cliff hanger.

What happened after I flew home to California for Christmas break?
I'll let you in on one secret...he tells me he loves me for the first time.
But how and when does Ryan profess his love?!

All your burning questions will be answered soon!
Ok ok, I'm full of secrets tonight! Sooo I'll let you in on another one...
Ryan has been composing his part of this next installment for the past month and has been planning on giving it to me for Valentine's day as part of my present.

I just entered my love story into the Goldsmith "Brilliant Beginnings" giveaway to win a free ring.
If you like our story, I would be so grateful if you went over to the event page and liked my post so I can win a gorgeous ring from Goldsmith Co. Jewelers.
{Why don't I have just one ring?}

Go to the "Brilliant Beginnings" Facebook page & like the status I posted under Brianna Rios.
Who knows...I might publish that long awaited Story of Us post soon ;)

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Janette said...

Okay.. Yup! The suspense is killing me! I love love stories!

Janette Lane Blog

PS. I'm currently giving away a new HTC One X+! Brand new SMARTPHONE! WOO! Closes soon! Check it out!