Breezy Days: What a Typical Blogger Would Say (Or Do)...


February 26, 2013

What a Typical Blogger Would Say (Or Do)...

"Is it Spring yet?!"

"I just want to wear my bright Spring colors"

"Can it stop snowing so I can wear my sandals?"

"Why can't I live in Utah, So-Cal, or New York where all the blogger parties are??"

*orders delicious food from an obscure cafe & whips out the phone to Instagram it*

"Is my top-knot too big?"

"Why can't my top-knot look like Sydneys!?"

*starts out blog post warning that she isn't a fashion blogger and still has husband/bf take outfit pictures when she gets dressed up*

"I saw that on Pinterest!"

*wears red lipstick to pump up an outfit*
{submitted by Kelsey Eaton}

"I hope my future kids are as cute as Huck from Nat the Fat Rat"

*wears denim chambray shirt under sweater with a J.Crew bubble necklace on top*

"I just thrifted this amazing *insert ridiculous-ly awesome item*"

"Look at this Prabal Gurung/Zac Posen/Missoni item I got at Target, I barely snagged it before the crazy crowd got there!"

"I just got the Urban Decay Naked Palette, how did I ever live without it before?"

"It's so awkward taking outfit pictures, the people on the street were staring at me..."

"How does she find all these amazing J.Crew tops at a thrift store?!"

*instagrams a "happy mail day" which usually includes clothes/make-up to review and Etsy products*

"I'm almost to 500 (or any other significant number) followers which means a celebratory giveaway!!!"

*gives a house tour via pictures after slaving over Pinterest for home ideas & spending days to recreate their own unique version of it*

Not gonna lie, I'm guilty of about half of these....if you have any to add, leave them in the comments!
Happy tuesday! :)


Eryka said...

best post ever.

Kelsey Eaton said...

Hahaha this is awesome. Dont forget to mention red lipstick!

sasha said...

i love how you are busting out outfits posts daily.
the sunny weather looks amazing.
i just say this because i hated myself this morning when i was doing outfit posts in the cold + snow. haha...

p.s i have the same skirt!

Chandra said...

That skirt is fun! I hope I can find some similar fabric so I can make one!

More Modern Modesty

Kyla Ford said...

I LOVE this. i LOVE YOU. the outfit is AMAZING.

Torrie said...

Oh good--I'm only guilty of about two, lol. But then again, I've always tried to be a little atypical...

Loved this :)

Jess said...

STUNNING. Seriously, such a babe.

Annnnnd yeah. I'm guilty to quite a few of these...guess you can't hide the blogger in us ;)

Cute post, girl!

Laura Harrison said...

ok you look BOMB in these pictures!! Like seriously amazing.

Unknown said...

hahaha I seriously died laughing of this post!!! I may have to link this on my blog. You are to funny!

Bridgette Nicole said...

Hilarious and soooo true!! Thanks for a good laugh! :)


Kelsey Bang said...

super cute outfit! love the skirt!

Anonymous said...

Haha this is awesome. I'm guilty of way too many! Oops!! Oh and I love this outfit, you look drop dead gorgeous!!

Kelly said...

I love this skirt, so pretty!

Sparkles and Shoes

All My Happy Endings said...

You're such a doll! I hope you know just how beautiful you are. XOXO

Rachel Sayumi Porter said...

amen sista hahaha and LOVE the outfit!

Brooke @ Silver Lining said...

These are amazing. I laughed out loud at a lot of them! And girl, I love those blue shoes!

Megan said...

this is hilarious and amazing!!

katilda said...

bahahah YES! I wore that denim/sweater/bubble necklace outfit last week. Guilty!

Carly said...

HA! This post just made my night! I'm sure we are all guilty of a few of these!


Unknown said...

There is so much truth in this post it's just hilarious! xo