Breezy Days: Polka Dots & Spring


February 23, 2013

Polka Dots & Spring

I have seen polka dot jeans everywhere from Nordstroms to Anthro, but I haen't feel the need to jump on the trend 'till I saw these beauties at Target for a whopping 20 bucks. 
Ummmm, score.

If you can't tell from these pics I am most definitely in 70 degree, beautiful, perfect So-Cal weather.
Not in the disgusting snow that I have to look forward to in a couple of days, yuck!
Provo needs to get the HINT that it's supposed to be spring soon.
What the heck am I gonna do with these sundresses & sandals in the snow!?
Well my friends...
I am off to lay by the pool, eat some Pinkberry, and plant some flowers in the garden.
To say that I'm excited to live in So-Cal for the summer is a massive understatement!


Unknown said...

loving the polka dot pants!

Elise Hunter said...

Love the pants! Jealous of the weather!

Anonymous said...

Sounds seriously PERFECT! Enjoy :)

Harley said...

love this look and your new blog look! come fix mine hahah

Kelsey Bang said...

yum! pinkberry and a cute outfit! cant go wrong :)

Katia said...

That shot of the shoes + the polkadot pants is SUCH a sweet shot. The shoes are adooooooorable!


Samantha Elizabeth said...

So darn cute! Love the skinny jeans/pants...not sure I would be able to pull them off those! <3