Breezy Days: White Lace With White Legs


February 6, 2013

White Lace With White Legs

Here is my last take on the JCrew chartreuse sweater!
{Here is outfit one and two.}
Yet again, let's please excuse the fact that my poor legs haven't seen the sun since about August of last year. So sad!

Ryan is always excited when Evan comes to stay with us cause that means that Evan takes outfit pictures instead of him. Soooo we took this in a McDonald's parking lot.
Today is gonna be a crazy day! 
I got a test to study & take, a Valentine's party to put the last finishing touches on {racing around to get shop for the last minute items}, get ready for said party {hellooo it's a blogger party, everyone is gonna look bomb!} and make sure that everyone has an awesome time.
It's a lot harder than you think ;)
Can't wait to see you bloggers at the Francesca's Valentines Blogger Bash tonight!!!


Unknown said...

Girl those colors ROCK together!!
Love it all even your pretty cute white legs!

have so much fun at your blogger par-tayyy!

Chandra said...

Bri, I though the title was White Lace and White Leggings. LOL And...well, I almost thought you were wearing white leggings! ;o)

More Modern Modesty

Halie Renee said...

That dress is so so cute! I love lacey things, and I really want a lacey dress. I just haven't been able to find one that looks good on me yet!

Jan said...

The dress looks so cute on you! Love that cardigan! Love that you found a spot at the McDonald's parking lot. LOL

I'm having a giveaway on my blog if you're interested. :)

Kelsey Bang said...

I am so excited for tonight! You look super cute! I dot think your legs are super white! They are a nice color :)

Courtney said...

I wanna go to the Blogger Party!! Why don't I live in Utah? =(

Harley said...

McDonald's is awesome and your title for this post made me laugh out loud.

nicole s. said...

alright, i officially need this sweater. it defies seasons and reasons, so it deserves a place in my closet. thanks for introducing us!

Unknown said...

that sweater color is heavenly!

xo, Courtney