Breezy Days: Francesca's Valentine's Blogger Bash!


February 6, 2013

Francesca's Valentine's Blogger Bash!

Tonight was the Valentine's Blogger Bash at the Francesca's location in Orem!
It was a serious BLAST.

Honestly I was a little nervous, you know the usual stuff you think about before the guests of your party arrive.
Is everyone going to talk to each other?
Is the food going to get eaten?
Is everyone going to have fun?
That last question was the one I was most concerned about.
I really wanted just everyone to have fun :)

Andddd they did, the proof is in the pudding...or pictures!
We did a mannequin relay where each team had to put together a hot date outfit for their mannequin to go out in on Valentines day!
They each had to come up with a story & place where their mannequin girl was going.
So cute!
The treat table was decked with:
Brownie bites, raspberry/pineapple pastries, red velvet cupcakes, chocolate chip cookies, lofthouse mini cookies, chocolate cupcakes, peanut butter cookies, and milk to balance out the sugar coma!
The whole group! It was such a fun blogger group to party with :)

Instagram Photo booth!

We turned the back two dressing rooms into a mini-Instagram photo booth! 
Looks like everyone had fun there!
Kelsey said something along these lines when seeing the streamers:
"These streamers remind me of the dances I was never asked to!"
Then she proceeded to pose in front of the background with a pouty face!
It was too hilarious :)
Good thing she has got an awesome husband to take her to dances now!
{Her husband was my Statistics tutor, I knew him before they had ever met, too funny!!}
Overall, the night was a success and I was so glad that everyone had such a good time :)
Hooray for blogger parties!

Blogger List!
Alycia from Crowley Party
Bonnie from The Life of Bon
Brielle from Mr. D & Me
Deidre from Love, the Skinnys
Diana from Livy Love
Elisabeth from Bella 
Jen from T & Me
Kyla from Ford-ology
Kelsey B. from Kelsey Bang
Kelsey E. from Stories of Kel
Kiana from Kiana Bates
Rachel from Mr. JP & Me



Jess said...

This looks like one of the most fun blogger meet ups I've seen...good job, girl! Come to Florida and throw us one ;)


Torrie said...

I'm bummed I had to miss it! It looks like y'all had a blast. Definitely let me know when the next one will be :)

Courtney said...

I'll say it again...I'M SO JEALOUS!

And your outfit is adorable per usual =)

Kelsey Bang said...

so glad I got to come last night! It was a great time! thanks for putting on a fun party! I told Jake about the jellycats....well be back for more :)

Kelsey Eaton said...

Seriously so much fun. Thanks so much for throwing a much needed girl's night!

Anonymous said...

Yay so excited to look at everyones blog. Thank you for doing that!! :)

Kari said...

This looks like a blast!
You sure know how to throw a blogger party. :)
I totally would have made the drive down for that!

So glad I found your blog. Following! :)

from: Take a Walk in Our Shoes

Rachel Sayumi Porter said...

thanks for having me! soooo fun, and we must do a lunch soon :)