Breezy Days: Sprinkles


May 1, 2012


I swear I'm still alive & kickin'!
Our weekend Cali trip turned into a few days more....then it became a week...and we finally came back a week and a half later. The weather was just too dang good to leave!
I actually got a tan line. A TAN LINE PEOPLE.
For some reason the sun doesn't work in Utah, that's why everyone is so dang white here.
When I saw that I had a tan line after only a couple days in Cali, I almost wanted to cry!!
I know I know I'm a dorkus, it never really was a secret :)

If any of you follow me on instagram {@breezy_days} then you know I made a "Cali To-Do List", to make sure that we hit the main points of our vacay.
One of the things to check off on the "Cali To-Do List" was to hit up Sprinkles Cupcakes.
If you haven't heard of this place, you are surely missing out.
They have the most beautiful, delicious, and probably most expensive cupcakes ever.
Like, 40 bucks a dozen expensive. YIKES!
I knew that Ryan needed the Sprinkles experience, so we went down to Newport on a nice sunny day, and purchased the ridiculously 'spensive cupcakes. And proceeded to totally narf them down.
Hey. It's being adventurous and trying new things!
{Red Velvet, Smores, Dark Chocolate Banana, Brown Sugar, Lemon, Dark Chocolate Raspberry, and Dark Chocolate cupcake with Cream Cheese frosting. This was SO worth it.}
{Me being REAL excited to narf on more sugary cupcakes!}

More California pics to come! 
And I just wanna say hi to all you new followers, I'm happy to have you here :)

<3 Bri 


Jan said...

I have heard of this place lots of times BUT haven't been there. As someone who lives in LA, a drive to down the 405 isn't really very cupcakely appetizing. Haha!


Birdie said...

Ah! This makes me so happy :) I just spent 40 euro.....which with the exchange rate and the additional 3% credit card company charge...ended up being about $57. so glad to know somebody else understands the need to splurge on quality dessert!

Hima said...

Yum that looks sooo good! Isn't that the bakery of the lady on Food Network? I don't really know but I have always wanted to go there!


Kirstie and Michael said...

Those look sooo delicious!!!

Courtney said...

I've only had one Sprinkles cupcake I hope they have gluten free ones cuz I wanna go back!

Sophie @TheForge said...

$40??? wow i had no idea :) they look delicious though!

Byrdi said...

We have a delicious bakery near my college. Actually, my professor and his wife own it! (Few things are more awesome than your toughest professor bringing some of the day-old cupcakes to class; yum!)

They have a day-old section that go for $1...I can't wait to visit next year!

Unknown said...

The dark chocolate raspberry one sounds heavenly. :)