Breezy Days: Rollacoaster


May 15, 2012


Not gonna lie, I had the weirdest day yesterday.
Lots of ups and downs, emotional highs and lows.
Sooo I'll entertain you with the little story about it.
Anddd some rando pictures while I'm at it!
{Color scheme for the new place!}

I haven't been feeling well as of late, but got a job interview set up for 10am Monday morning.
After I woke up to my alarm, I was half tempted to either: A) reschedule the interview or B) have Ryan drive me to the interview because I felt like such trash.
But, I decided to be a grown-up.
 I got dressed, grabbed some food, and hopped in Ryan's car to drive to the interview and get there early.

I am literally two streets away from my house, when I hear it.
Then as Cady said in Mean Girls: "My stomach felt like it was gonna drop out my butt."
Fricker fracker dumb Utah fuzz.

He said I was speeding.
Ummm, I think he just was looking for an excuse to give out a ticket.
I start tearing up, and then proceed to cry, with which the lovely cop responds:
"Oh pretty lady, just don't speed next time so I don't have to pull you over."

After the cop got in his own car, I sat in my own and cried for a good 5 minutes.
Such a great release :)
Then I fix myself up and start driving to the interview.
Am I gonna be late? Yup.
Did I mention that I installed new software into my phone the night before and didn't have the office phone number in my phone anymore? Lame.

I get there a half hour late.
Apologize profusely, then we go to her office to start the interview.
I totally bomb the interview cause I'm jittery as all heck from getting the ticket and from feeling like poop.
After I walk out of the interview "oh well" and "screw this" are the phrases at the forefront of my mind.
{IHOP hot chocolate makes everything sweeter}

I call Ryan, he calms me down and makes it allll better.
Then I get a text message from one of my good friends saying that there is a job opening at her work and that she suggested me for an interview at the boutique.
The feeling like poop, getting pulled over, bombing an interview, and hearing about another job opportunity all happened within a 3 hour span.
Talk about an emotional roller coaster!!

Soooo I interviewed for the job today, and felt pretty good about it.
But gosh, if anything...I've been smacked in the face with a reminder of the blessings in my life.
Especially the postitive & uplifting friends and family I choose to surround myself with.
Ryan is obviously the
My brothers, my parents, my friends, my future in-laws.

Anddd my Instagram family too.
I put up 3 outfit options for the job interview and got some great feedback :)
{I love Ryan and all...but asking him about what casual/cute outfit I should wear to an interview really isn't his strong suit...yet}
You are all awesome.
{Outfit #1}
{Outfit #2} 
{Outfit #3}

Despite the weirdness that has been going on, I'm still extremely anxious to have a fresh start.
Can't wait to get all settled in the new house, decorate, start a new job, get my braces off, get back to blogging, andddd having a new blog layout very soon. 
So stoked!
Can't wait to share the excitement with all of you :)

<3 Bri 

P.S. Tomorrow I'll post the outfit I ended up wearing to the boutique interview!


Jess said...

I won't ruin it for people that don't follow you on Instagram....BUT I'm so glad that you chose the outfit that you did! You looked FAB-U-LOUS! (yes, that was necessary) :)

LOVEEE the new color combo idea...YES!

And girl, you are not alone when it comes to riding that emotional roller coaster. Let me just tell you lol


Bree said...

Aww Bri!! I am so sorry this happened! But I hope you the job at the Boutique! Ya never know, God might of had it all planned out for you and He didn't want you to take that job. :))

Annika said...

Awwww pumpkin! I'm so sorry you had a rough day. Every time one of these days come around for me, I just have a mental jam session to Kelly Clarkson's "Stronger" and magically A) everything is better and B) the people around me think I'm nuts! Win win! I love love love the paint colors and outfit 1 is probably my favorite!

Hope today is nicer to you <3

Katia said...

Sometimes we need the crappy moments to remind us of the good ones, and as much as the downs SUCK - at least they happened within a 3 hour span.... which means you could move on with the rest of your day! Yay!

Glad you're taking a positive spin on things, excited to see pics of the outfit you picked ;) I'm sorta liking the first one better now that I'm seeing the pictures larger - but they're all lovely!


Nikole said...

You're a flipping gem :) Can't wait to be sisters! Love you! (I almost posted something different that's a bit mean haha.not toward you! Anyway....remind me and I'll tell you) ;)

Kirsten Wiemer said...

ahhhh. i'm sorry about that. i swear stuff like that keeps happening to me lately. yesterday i ran home to get a snack because it was 1pm and i hadn't had anything to eat. i run inside my house and what do you know someone is getting towed right in from of my drive way, so i have to wait there 10 minutes to leave. all i wanted was to be on time. i know how you feel girl.
i hope that you find a job soon. hope all is going wel. again love that color scheme.