Breezy Days: Birdie in Paris


May 7, 2012

Birdie in Paris

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While I'm busily putting together a Cafe Rio chicken dinner {recipe to come!}, I'd like to introduce you to Birdie, who is currently doing a study abroad program in Paris, how cool is that!?
I asked her to write a 'lil about herself and to share loads about the city she is currenlty living in.
I looove anything art history, Audrey Hepburn, Europe, Paris related so her pics make me droool!
Check her out at "Music.Love.Sunshine.Life", to see more of her Paris adventures!
Greetings loved ones!
This is Brittany (but you may call me Birdie)  and I am reporting live from a darling little suburb called Crossy-sur-Seine, a 15 minute metro ride west of Paris, France!

So this is me:
First of all,
thank you so much to the adorable Bri for allowing me to do my very first guest post on her amazing blog!

So a few basic things you should know about me are:
 I am deathly afraid of Amber Alerts and people touching my wrists
I don't ever sleep before 1 a.m.
I can't help but sing loudly in the car. And everywhere else.
I am a hopeless dweeb.  Like a Harry-Potter-obsessed-and-Lord-of-the-Rings-extended-edition-party-thrower-with-my-equally-dweeby-dad kind of dweeb.
I enjoy Ben & Jerry's, movie nights and the wild outdoors.
And I love, love, love learning.

Now, I decided to do this post somewhat on the subject of the importance of learning as it applies to my stay in Paris.

To be perfectly honest, I signed up for this study abroad (BYU Paris Spring study abroad 2012) to come basically as a tourist on an extended stay.  I was going to use this opportunity as a means to an end basically so I could just go see the Eiffel Tower, Louvre, Notre Dame, and all the other major tourist spots.
Boy was I in for a surprise.

We were presented as a part of the study abroad with a book that has 21 "walks" that we are required to do, and those major tourist spots didn't even make it in to the book.  We were brought here to be given the opportunity to truly open our eyes to the city and the beautiful culture that lives within its borders, and I think in just a single week, I've learned the most important lesson I've ever learned in my entire life.

To truly know yourself, it is absolutely necessary to learn as much as you possibly can about everyone and everything else.
There are 28 people in my group who are all on this journey together, and millions upon millions of others who are completely foreign. These people not only roll their eyes at my obvious "American-ness," but there is also a huge language barrier that I came here determined to cross.

I live with a French family who cooks the best food around.  I am absolutely certain food will not be up to par when I return to the states.  I must learn how to cook/bake/make chocolate mousse like a french housewife.
Seeing all the art I learned about in Humanities 202 in person is......unreal.  Absolutely unreal.

I've been here just over one week now, and that may not seem like long but I can tell you with absolute certainty that I have learned so much from being away from home this time, here, than anytime and anyplace else.
What I have learned about myself as a result of learning about others:

I have grown up so much.  More than I even realized.  Two years ago I never could have spent this much time so far away from my my friends and family.  But now, though I still love and miss them, I am perfectly content and comfortable to be a bit of a wanderer. Though, admittedly, when I took off I did have that momentary freakout moment of, "what on earth did I just get myself into?!"

I am so astounded at just how many different kinds of people there are in the world, and even just in my study group.  In school there are vastly more people and I usually just find my own niche and stick with them but here I have found ways to connect with 26 other vastly different people in ways I never imagined I could.

Before I got here I didn't really have it through my head that these people truly do think, speak, dream, and live in French day to day just as naturally as I do those same things in English!  It is a lifestyle more real and more deep-rooted with history than I ever thought.  These people have a heritage that almost transcends time, and I absolutely love it.

I learned that I think euros are play money, and they are definitely, definitely not.

I learned to be more conscientious.  In France, it is very rude to not use your napkin and to eat with your elbows on the table and to not break off small pieces of bread.  In order to really learn a culture, you need to live it! I have some bad habits to break!

I have learned to now be very grateful for how many driving laws we have in the states, because in France there appear to be none, and riding in a car is literally the most frightening thing one could ever experience.
See?! Travel is not only fun and exciting, but so so rewarding! And you can find cultural experiences like these anywhere you go! I live in Provo, Utah for school, and whenever I need to get out of my Utah American bubble, I head straight for Center Street to eat some Pho, explore the art supply store, buy some incense, order Indian takeout for dinner, drive over to Orem to buy some Chuao Venezuelan Amano chocolate, and finish off the night at the French bakery!

It is so great to step outside of yourself and your own routine and to realize just how beautiful and diverse this world is! I truly believe God created this earth for us to be happy no matter which country we're from, and I'm finding this to be true more and more every single day!

I hope all the words didn't burn you out, so here are just a few more fun pictures of the trip!

Just a few of the things that this beautiful city has to offer:
{Impromptu strings concerts in the metro station}
{Beautiful walks to school}

{Incredible views}
{Limited views of  President Sarkozy's front door}
{Lush, green gardens}
{Timeless artwork}
{Famous and enormous museums}
{The most delicious bread you'll ever find anywhere}
{Churches referred to in the Da Vinci code}
{World icons}
{Harry Potter-esque clock towers}
{Cathedrals that are almost older than time itself}
{The most breathtaking stained glass you will ever see}
{Perfect photo ops}
{Storybook villages}
{Blue skies}
{Movie famous Opera Houses}
{The most amazing chandeliers/ceilings}
{Beautiful green gardens}
{And, of course, shopping :)}
Once again, thanks so much to Bri for letting me have my first guest post! Hop on over to my blog and follow me for more Paris adventures and to get to know me a little better! I write about life, love, school, music, photography, etc....there's a little something for everyone!

All my love, Birdie.
I hope you all enjoyed Birdie's post and pictures!
I'm putting money in my Vacation piggy as we speak :)

<3 Bri


Bree said...

*sigh* I can't wait until I graduate and get a job so I can start saving money to travel.

And can I just say, "hustle your buns" made me laugh so much. lol!

Mallory said...

Such beautiful pictures! It makes me want to go travel the world. I can't wait until I actually have the money to do so.