Breezy Days: I Don't Need New Years Eve


June 1, 2012

I Don't Need New Years Eve

Another "first" that has happened recently, are my new highlights.
Before this last time at Suggestions Salon in Orem, I have never ever had any hair color touch my hair.
Not because I have some weird-o stance against hair color, it's mostly because no one will ever let me dye my hair because the natural color is pretty, or at least I think so.
Just for fun I would poke at any new hair stylist, and ask them how much I would have to bribe them to dye my natural color to a dark brown.
They would have a heart attack and say "absolutely not!!!"
Cheap entertainment :)

Growing up in Cali, my hair was BRIGHT blonde.
Obviously from being in the sun 24/7.
It was a symbol of the happiness, sun, warmth, and comfort I felt with being myself.
But after moving to Utah it just went blehhhh.
It started to darken, my shiny blonde hair wasn't there anymore.
The bright blonde that I felt was a part of me, was now gone.

I wanted to continue with my 'fresh start' that I promised myself would happen with this move and job, I felt that lightening my hair was a part of that.
I asked the girl to make it look like I had just come back from a California beach vacay.

I sat, ever so patiently, while my foils were working their magic.
She trimmed my hair, then started blowdrying...I was getting nervous.
What if I look like a platinum Barbie?
What if it totally fries my hair like a perm and I look like a poodle!?
Oh gosh...I'm getting sick.
She finishes and moves away from the mirror, and my jaw drops.
OMGOSH, why the heck have I not done this before?!
My hair was so bright, blonde, bouncy, & flowy.
I looked in the mirror with my new smile, and my new hair and just felt so happy & content in that particular moment.
This is my new start.
Top: H&M//Sweater: Kohls//Jeans: Fossil//Earrings: Forever 21//Purse: Steve Madden//Boots: Magic Step.

I feel a renewed sense of self.
Funny how little things like highlights or even a new haircut can do that for you.
I don't need a New Years party on January 1st to make resolutions, to make myself a new person, and to start over with a fresh new perspective on life.
I'm pushing the re-start button riggggggghhhhhhhtttt NOW.

<3 Bri 


The Mrs. and The Momma said...

So cute, Bri! Love the post! You look lovely as always, but what a great feeling to hit that re-start button!

Jan said...

I love it hun! You look so pretty! Oh and I love your purse too ;)

I'm having a new giveaway on my blog if you're interested!

Courtney said...

I totally feel the same way after I get my hair done - makes you feel like a new woman!

Eric and Chelsea said...

Dude the SAME thing happened to me after I moved from cali to here too. It sucked. It looks awesome! Lets just move back! K?!

Eric and Chelsea said...

Dude the SAME thing happened to me after I moved from cali to here too. It sucked. It looks awesome! Lets just move back! K?!

Rachel Sayumi Porter said...

You look HAWT.

Tatiana said...

Awww, that's great! It's wonderful how the little things like that can make such a difference :)
(Hi btw, I'm a new follower!)


Carla said...

cute bag! u look so adorable!

xo, Carla

Jenny said...

Your hair was great before, but I love the highlights! And I want that cute bag :)
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